Queer Mercado

Goddess of East L.A.

November 07, 2022 Queer Mercado Season 1 Episode 12
Queer Mercado
Goddess of East L.A.
Show Notes

¡Vámonos! Because in this podcast, you will be listening to LGBTQ+ vendors, artists, & creators that make up the Queer Mercado Community. You will get to hear their stories, motivations, and the many ways they contribute to their local communities. They are the magic of the Queer Mercado (QM).

Get ready to listen to the love, passion, and dedication behind the QM with your host Gaudencio Márquez.

In this season one finale episode, you will hear from Diana Diaz the founder of the coveted Queer Mercado and Goddess Mercado. Diana Diaz was born and raised in East Los Angeles, and she is the daughter of Mexican immigrants that introduced her to the world of street vending. These intersectionalities inspired her to dream big when she founded The Goddess Mercado and The Queer Mercado Nonprofit Collectives.

Diana lives and works in East Los Angeles as a school counselor. She also sits on the board of the East Los Angeles Artwalk and In The Making Nonprofit. Diana is also the creator of Mexichic Crafts, the first luxury leather brand from East Los Angeles. Mexichic Crafts products are available at MOLAA, La Plaza de Cultura y Arte, Casita del pueblo in Uptown Whittier, Mercadito Monarda in Pasadena, and Adelitas Revenge. 

Diana Diaz Instagram: @mexichiccrafts
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This podcast has been made possible by the incredible leadership of our producer Xavier Mejia, our sponsors, Kaiser Permanente, REACH LA & a list of community backers, which you will see in the show notes.   

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El Mercado by Hector Jose Ortiz and Rachael Rodriguez

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For those who haven't experienced the QM, we are a permanent market in EAST LA that happens every 3rd Saturday (10 - 4 pm) at the Hilda Solis Learning Academy. We are a vendor community composed of LGBTQ + artists, creators & business owners where we